backlinks yeah

It is a new word for me. I just learnt about it and I’m required to write a blog post with a<country> backlink.

What am I talking about??

Okay so here’s the story;

I am a pharmacist. wait did I tell you about this? I digress – I graduated in 2017 yeah. I had my 12 months internship experience at the University College Hospital Ibadan between Feb 2018 and Jan 2019. now I am an NYSC member in Abuja whew!

So I am a pharmacist lol. and I’m learning research and data analytics for health. I signed up for the HNG pre-internship 6, and our first pre-task is using a backlink in a post!

The instruction from Mark Essien (CEO of btw):

“@channel One of the key tasks for this internship will be a bit of digital marketing – the power of backlinks. Everyone should create a blog post with a link to<country>, where you pick any country to link to. E.g or or You can already start with this to get a headstart. A link on a blog (but NOT medium) and on any social platform.”

Yeah and so I decided to revive my old blog for this.

So, here goes:

Why the Bahamas you ask?

It is my number one vacation destination. Simple!

Going forward, I intend to write more often here and about my journey in the world of computers and data science.

This should be fun!!!!

You are a Tiger-Not a Goat

From the Orient comes an ancient story that has been a great inspration in my life. The mother of a small tiger kitten was killed, and the young tiger was adopted by a goat. For months, the young tiger drank the milk from the kindly goat, played with the young goats in the herd, and tried his best to bleat as the goats did.
But, after a while, things did not go well. Try as he may, the little tiger could not become a goat. He didn’t look like a goat, he didn’t smell like a goat, he couldn’t make sounds like a goat. The other goats became afraid of him because he always played too roughly and was getting and was getting so big. The little orphaned tiger began to withdraw into himself, to feel rejected and inferior, and to wonder what was wrong with him.
One day, there was a loud crashing sound! Goats bleated and scattered in a hundred directions! The little tiger was glued to the rock on which he sta!
Suddenly, the most magnificient creature he had ever seen came bounding into his clearing! It was orange, with black stripes, and it had eyes that blazed like fire. It was huge!
“What are you doing here, among the goats?”, the intruder asked the little tiger.
“I’m a goat!” replied the young tiger.
“Follow me!” said the huge creature, with an air of authority.
The little tiger followed, tremblingly, as the huge animal wove his way through the jungle. Finally, they came to a large river, and the leader leaned over to drink.
“Go ahead, take a drink,” said the huge animal.
As the little tiger leaned over to drink from the river, he saw two of the same animals. One was smaller, but both were orange with black stripes.
“Who is that?” asked the little tiger.
“That’s you-the real you!” came the reply
“No! I’m a goat!” the little tiger protested.
Suddenly, the large animal sat back on its haunches and let out the most terrifying roar the little tiger had ever heard. It shook the whole jungle, and, when it was over, everything became breathlessly silent,
“Niw, you do that,” invited the giant animal.
At first, it was hard. The little tiger opened his mouth wide-as he always did when he yawned after filling his stomach with goat’s milk. The sound that came out sounded more like a bleat.
“Go ahead!” said the big animal, “you can do it!”
Finally, the little tiger felt something begin to rumble way down in his stomach. Gradually it grew, and grew, and grew, until it began to shake his whole body.
“Roar” he said, when he could no longer hold it in.
“There, now!” said the huge Bengal, “You’re a tiger-not a goat!”
Let me begin to ask you some very personal questions. Are you increasingly discontented with maintaining the status quo? Do you feel you might have what it takes to be a champion? Are you feeling more and more like a major league player in the minor leagues?
If so, perhaps it’s time to face the fact that you’re a tiger-not a goat! Perhaps it’s time you let out that roar and get on with developing a winner’s attitude!

We’ll be talking about how to develop a winner’s attitude in the tomorrow’s article.

Culled from ‘How to Motivate Yourself to Greatness by Dr Nido Qubein’

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Straight On Talk-from my heart!!

Its been a long time since I published here.
Exams in medical school demands all your attention; and this brings me to a very important subject. So many of us youths today are challenged by this.
Its about school work. Why all the stress? Why all the pressure? Yet the stories from the world out there is, ‘there are no jobs’.
Well, this is my opinion:
School, especially in nigeria, may not teach us what to do in the world, but it does show us something. Its part of a training process for life. School shows us that if you want success, you’ve got to aim for it, and fight for it. If its worth fighting for, then go for it.
If you deserve the A’s, then prove yourself. Stay up at night; Get to the library.
If you don’t catch the idea at school, you may never.
I believe this is the main idea of school. And for me, while I’m into so many other beautiful things, I’ve chosen to be excellent in my book work. I tell myself everyday, ‘Isaac, you are the best student in your class.’

Google Finally Shows Off Google Glass UI, Announces #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign

Google is slowly pulling down Google Glass’ veil of secrecy. With each announcement, the company reveals a bit more of its secrets. This time around, the video above shows Google Glass’ UI in real world situations — you know, real world as in jumping from a plane and swinging on a trapeze. Forget about the wide-eyed concept videos; this is the real deal.
Get ready for even more Glasshole sightings, Google is ready to hand out Google Glass units to non-developer types. But you have to apply. And still pay the Glass Explorer Edition’s $1,500 price tag. But Google Glass!
Using the hashtag #ifihadglass, take to Twitter or Google + and with 50 words or less, explain how you would use Google Glass. Photos and videos can be included as well. The deadline is February 27, and Google didn’t state how many Glass units will be handed out through this program, but the competition will be fierce.
The UI shown in the video is radically more subdued than in the original concept video. Gone are the little circles and VH1 Pop-Up Video-ish notifications. Instead, users interact with Google Glass through a single pane in the top right. Everything from Google searches to notifications to hangouts seemingly happen in this one space — rather than dancing around the field of vision like in earlier Google Glass videos.
The world seen through Google’s omnipresent eye but where are the ads?
Google has yet to announce when general consumers will be able to buy Google Glass. But that’s smart.
Google is slowly rolling out units to die-hard fans that can likely help the development and deal with first-gen bugs. Frankly, at this point, Google Glass isn’t ready for mass consumption. It
will be released when it’s ready and until then, lowly consumers like most of us will have to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the future vicariously

On the Loss of Buss: the titan.

You know, the sports world may never have another legend as Jerry Buss. Check this piece. I got it from
The Lakers lost their way right around the time Dr. Jerry Buss started dying. This wasn’t a coincidence. Within NBA circles, everyone respected Buss so deeply that something relatively impossible happened. Here was the greatest professional basketball owner who ever lived, an influential power broker who controlled one of the league’s wealthiest franchises … only word never really leaked about Buss’s grave condition. He spent the past year fighting cancer in a hospital bed, somehow keeping his privacy (and his dignity) in our Twitter-fueled, rumor-soaked media climate. Nobody would write about it. Or mention it. Everyone respected him too much.

Like every other NBA fan, I believed for years that Buss was a renegade playboy billionaire, someone who almost seemed like a parody of a sports owner. After he dropped $67.5 million for a Los Angeles winter sports monopoly in 1979, the ensuing Sports Illustrated feature carried the subhead, “Jerry Buss has always had a way with a chick, a cue and a buck. Now he’ll have his way with the Lakers, Kings and Forum.” What else did you need to know? Over the next few years, his Showtime Lakers captured the 1980s better than just about anything — smoking-hot cheerleaders, courtside celebrities, flashy fast breaks, genuine star power, excess, excess and more excess. They were the hottest ticket in town, the best basketball team of that decade, a team that partied almost as extravagantly as their owner did.

The Lakers remained relevant for three solid decades (and counting), reinventing themselves three different times and winning Dr. Buss 10 championships along the way. Thanks to Dr. Jerry’s vision, the experience of attending Laker home games over that stretch had nothing in common with any other sports fan experience, as I tried to capture in a column three springs ago. He also never received enough credit for recognizing the NBA’s most important currency: star power. Not just finding those stars and building around them, but empowering them, even making them feel like they were part of the team’s decision-making process. Even as the league’s salary cap and luxury tax worked against him, Buss kept stacking the Lakers with superstars, knowing that Los Angeles remained his biggest weapon — the weather, the beach, the celebrities, the ladies, the ritzier neighborhoods, the privacy, the Hollywood connections. Players wanted to play for the Lakers. They wanted to play for Dr. Jerry Buss.

When it became clear that Dwight Howard was pushing his way out of Orlando, an inordinate number of NBA fans just assumed the Lakers would get him, if only because that’s what always happened. That’s what Buss built in Los Angeles. Maybe he had his way with a chick, a cue and a buck, but owning a professional basketball team? Nobody was better.

I first learned of Buss’s declining health in London, during the Summer Olympics, when league officials were already using the word “when” and not “if.” Within NBA circles, there was real fear about a post-Jerry world — not just for what it meant for the Lakers (one of the league’s crown jewels), but what it meant for the league itself. We forget sometimes that 30 owners run the NBA, for better and worse, with David Stern and Adam Silver carrying out their wishes. Their influence drifts into three different groups (old guard, new guard and totally useless) and three different economic realities (small market, big market and middle class). From what I’ve been told by multiple people who have participated in those owners meetings, Buss might have been the single most respected person in the room. Maybe he was a big-market/old-guard guy, but he cared about the league as a whole, and he was willing to discuss any idea as long as it made sense. He had a knack for staying quiet for hours, then somehow making the most salient point of the day.

One time within the last couple of years, when the small-market owners were pushing hard for revenue sharing, Buss waited for everyone to make their case before weighing in. He mentioned how one owner had juggled multiple businesses over that time — making hundreds of millions beyond basketball — whereas Buss had thrown his life into running the Lakers. Now that owner wanted Buss to share his NBA profits with him? Buss maintained that he wasn’t against revenue sharing; if anything, he believed the idea made sense. But could they at least agree that, had the other owner devoted all of his time and resources to his team like Buss did, his franchise would be doing better? What if they struck a deal — all the full-time NBA owners shared their NBA profits, but only if the part-time NBA owners shared the profits from their other businesses with the full-time NBA owners?

The room fell silent. He had totally defanged the other owner — not to embarrass him, but to prove a point. If the league was gravitating toward revenue sharing, he just wanted to make sure it was for the right reasons, not because a handful of unsuccessful, part-time NBA owners were trying to game the system their way. And yes, Buss eventually agreed to revenue sharing. But he made everyone think about it, too.

So over these next few days, when you hear other NBA people talk reverentially about Dr. Buss, it wasn’t just about titles for them. It was about those moments behind closed doors, when something happened and everyone realized, “Oh yeah, that’s why he’s been so successful.” That’s what the NBA is losing — not just a shrewd billionaire who transformed the Lakers into a perennial contender worth billions, but a visionary, a thinker, someone who made the league better and smarter and bigger and richer and, over everything else, a little more interesting. Nobody tapped into the sweeping potential of a professional basketball franchise quite like Dr. Jerry Buss did.

His final major decision ended up being his worst: Jerry passed the Lakers off to one of his sons for sentimental reasons, not logical ones, and now that same son is running Jerry’s beloved franchise into the ground. For only the third time since 1976, they might miss the playoffs. They might lose a marquee free agent (Howard) for the first time in the history of the franchise, which would really mean that an All-Star looked at the NBA landscape and said, “All things considered, I’m better off not playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.” And if it happens, just know that it never would have happened on Dr. Jerry Buss’s watch. I believe these next few years will cement his legacy. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.
This piece was written by another boss of mine, Bill Simmons

Rhapsody of Realities for Friday, 8th February 2013


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The “Sword” Of The Spirit… · Friday, February 8th ·
Pastor Chris
And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians
The Greek rendering for “word” in the verse above is “rhema,” and it means the spoken Word of God
for the “now.” It is God’s specific Word to you, at a specific time, for a specific purpose. It’s the Word
of God in your mouth for the moment, concerning you or anything that you’re directing it at. That
Word in your mouth is the sword of the Spirit.
The Greek word for “mouth” is “stoma,” and it means the front or edge of a weapon. Literally, it
means the front of a sword. In Revelations 1:16, the Apostle John describes the Son of Man saying,
“… out of his mouth went a sharp two edged sword.” Again, Revelations 2:16 says, “…I will come unto
thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.”
Now, Jesus doesn’t have a “physical” sword protruding out of His mouth. The Word He speaks is the
sword of the Spirit. After you’ve deliberately and consciously meditated on the Scriptures, the Word
that comes out of your mouth becomes the Word of the Spirit with which you cut the enemy in
pieces. When you face crises in life, practise meditation. When you receive that “rhema-word” from
the Spirit, speak it over or against the situation.
With today’s technology, you can play or listen to God’s Word, loading it into your spirit on the go,
through various media formats. As the Word gets into your spirit, mutter it or shout it forth as you’re
stirred in your spirit. At that moment, the words you speak become the active or creative Word. This
creative Word is powerful and produces results. It’s the sword of the Spirit with which you get on the
offensive against Satan and his wicked onslaught.
The Word of God is in my heart and in my mouth today, prevailing against adverse circumstances,
and producing what it talks about in my spirit, soul and body. I’m living in power and working
miracles as I live in, and through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word today, in Jesus’ Name.
f u r t h e r s t u d y: 2 Corinthians 10:4; Isaiah 49:2